Ulta Maximum Lashes Mascara: All That Lash?

I’m a pretty big fan of Ulta mascaras. For some reason I always love them and I’m building up quite the little collection of them. I picked this up for $10.50. 

If you want me to do a mascara post where I go over these and pick the best one, let me know!

The wand is rubber which is normal for Ulta mascaras. I love how it has big splits between the bristles because that’s perfect for separating Lashes. 

Here I am pre mascara.

Here I am post mascara

Here’s a little close up

I definitely love the way this mascara works. Because of the wand it’s like each Lash gets special treatment. 

I saw some reviews that said it flakes off but in all honesty, that’s never happened to me. But, just because it hasn’t happened to me, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to them, so maybe that’s something to think about before purchasing.  

As always, Ulta didn’t disappoint. What do you think? Am I lashy? 

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