Tarte Limited Edition Dream Big Palette: Day Dreamer or Dream Deferred?

Tarte is the star of limited editions. They regularly come out with a few small palettes that sell and then fade into oblivion. This palette is one of them. I thought it would be a good idea to get in depth and see if it’s any good. 

🍎It should be noted that this is my first experience with Tarte eyeshadow so I’m not at all equipped to say how this palette holds up against any palettes in Tarte’s permanent collection🍎

This palette was $30.00. I’ve taken a picture of it in natural lighting and the swatches match that setup starting at the top from left to right in the palette and right to left on my arm. 

So from right to left on the arm we have ‘this is it’, ‘all in’, ‘go for it’, ‘you can’, ‘happening’, ‘hustle’, ‘ambitious’, and ‘risktaker’.

The mattes are very soft and buttery. The shimmers are very smooth feeling which I think will play well even with textured lids. 

So, I did this palette review a little differently today. I went much more in depth than normal because I really wanted to be able to tell you how Every shade works. 

I did my eyeshadow before anything else. I primed my eyes with Nyx Proof It eye primer. I also swiped Vaseline onto my cheeks and the sides of my eyes. I did that because not only will the Vaseline catch any fall out and make it easy to wipe away, but it also makes fallout much more visible on camera. That means you’ll really be able to see how the palette does. 

Before we get to the look. I want to go over the shades that didn’t really get Incorporated into this look today.

 🥀Yes, I have used every shade in this palette. I’ve had it about two weeks and I’ve played with it quite a bit🥀

‘All in’ is by far my favorite shade. It’s an absolutely beautiful rosy peach with no fallout. It really is true to pan. I use ‘ambitious’ as a base color. It’s very buttery and let’s the other shadows play well together. ‘Risktaker’ is very beautiful. It has minimal fallout and I think it would make a gorgeous highlighter.

Now on to the shades I used in today’s look. 

While ‘go for it’ blended into the crease pretty well, ‘hustle’ hit me hard with a bunch of fallout. It literally looked like I had smudged it all over the end of my lid, which was Not my game plan. 

I wiped awaybthe fallout from ‘hustle’ and added more Vaseline. It was just too distracting.

I packed ‘happening’ all over the lid. The fallout on this was pretty minimal and I really liked how it looks on the lid. 

I put ‘this is it’ in my inner corner. At first I thought this shade was too similar to ‘risktaker’ but they actually look quite different on the eye.  I then used ‘you can’ on the brow bone and it is just shimmery gold goodness. I also think it would be a beautiful highlighter.

Here’s the finished look up close and personal.

I have to admit, Tarte made a solid first impression. The fallout isn’t horrible. In fact, only ‘hustle’ has any real fallout. I love the range of colors and the packaging is adorable. This is definitely a win for me. 

What do you think?

 Until Next We Meet, 

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