Shop Miss A Haul (#1)

It’s no secret that I love makeup. I love makeup so much that if it were a person, we’d be married with two kids (skincare and bath) by now. So of course, when I came across a website where most of the items were $1.00, I Had to give it a whirl.

I have to say, they package items Really well. They come wrapped in so much padding it’s like tearing open gifts on Christmas.

Here’s everything I grabbed. Fifteen items for Fifteen bucks.

This is the BR Six Shadow Set Number 4

I have no idea why I grabbed this. I knew what it would look like from the pictures but I still got it and still find it aesthetically annoying. The shadows are soft but Filled with glitter.

This is the Giovi 12 Shadow Palette #2

I actually had high hopes for this palette. It seems very unique. I’ve never seen these kinds of colors together in a palette before. This would make a good beginner palette. If you’re new to makeup and you don’t really know how to come up with looks this is right up your alley. The colors are pigmented enough to show up, but not so pigmented that you can’t play around with them to see what kind of looks work for you.

This is the Princessa 8 pan stack palette. I believe it’s in #3

I thought this was really unique. Two four pan palettes stacked on top of each other. Unfortunately, the colors don’t show up at all. 

This is the Princessa shadow and blush duo #2

While the shadows were decent, the blush basically fell apart with one swatch. 

This is a Pricessa Single Shadow in ‘Cobalt’

I have no idea why the Princessa singles are so incredible when the other two shadow palettes are crappy. Anyway, the packaging is cute and the shadow is gorgeous. I’ll definitely be collecting more of these.

The Santee Neutrals Shimmer Palette #2

Um, these shimmers are gorgeous and nothing else has to be said about this beauty. I love it. 

The L.A. Colors Shimmer Palette in ‘Wine and Roses’.

I usually love L.A. Colors but this was a flop. The colors are Much darker on the eye. These are Not true to pan which sucks. 

This is an L.A. Colors single in ‘Champagne’

This is a beautiful shadow with wonderful quality.

Here’s the Amuse Neutrals Palette #3 (left) and the Amuse Shadow Mix Palette #2 (right)

These are great palettes. The shadows are pigmented and super bendable. These are a definite win. 

This is an AOA Studio Potion Matte lipstick in ‘Brainchild’

This is a beautiful wine color. Surprisingly, this is transfer proof and had Intense staying power. It’s a tad dry though. Also, it smells EXACTLY like the cherry lifesaver gummies. Specifically the cherry ones! 

This is the AOA Studio Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Blogger’ 😜😏

This is honestly my new favorite liquid lippie formula. It’s long lasting, comfortable and transfer proof. Plus it also smells like Cherry Lifesaver gummies and it’s only $1.00! What more can I ask for??

These are two AOA Studio Wonder Baked Shadows in ‘Regal’ and ‘Saffron’

I am Obsessed with these! You can use them wet or dry and they actually look like different colors when you wet them. It’s like getting two shadows in one. They are super pigmented and bendable and I can’t recommend these singles enough! 

Last but certainly not least is this AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighter in ‘Macaroon’

This is a Gorgeous highlighter and amazingly it doesn’t emphasize texture. 

I’m really happy with this Haul. Yes, there were some misses but the good far outweighed the bad. I came in with low expectations and I left pleasantly surprised. I’ll definitely be doing another none of these soon.

Have you ever heard of shopmissA? If you’ve done a Haul link it in the comments, I’m currently binge watching and binge reading them.

Until Next We Meet,

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