Milani SpotLight: Light of My Life?

I love a good glow. Lately, I’ve been into more of the natural gleam kind of thing, but every time I see a highlighter that’s remotely extra, I Have to give in and grab it. This milani strobe is no different. 

I snagged it for $13.00 in the shade ‘Golden Light’. Look at how insanely beautiful this is! Ugh I literally can’t stop staring at it.

I’ve had it for about three weeks now. It took me so long to gather my thoughts because I didn’t like it originally. The first time I tried it I used my Crown Jumbo Kabuki Fan brush. It’s a massive fan brush that’s densely packed and is perfect for highlights most of the time. It wasn’t right for this. Here’s why. 

I swatched each shade individually and the last one on the left is all of the shades together.

Since I’ve been into a more subtle glow lately the fan brush packed on way too much pigment for me. It just looked over the top. 

Look at how pretty they are!

Last week I switched it up a little and was pleasantly surprised. 

Here I am pre glow

This time I used a luxie tapered brush. It’s nice and fluffy. 

Here I am all glowed up

I have to say, after giving this a second shot, it’s definitely a win. 

What do you think? Am I a glow getter or what? 

Go on, Speak Up!