Impress Gel Manicure: The Future of Press Ons?

I received this for free in an Influenster Shimmer Vox Box to review. My first thought “Um…I’ll pass”. To be honest I was looking back to the 90’s when Lee Press Ons were all the rage. The only problem was they lasted like a good 45 minutes before they started popping off. Nevertheless, I decided to give these a try and I am So glad I did.

FTC Disclaimer: Although I have received the item mentioned in this post for free to review, all thoughts and opinions stated in this post are 100% my own, promise.

This set is named ‘Scantily Clad’

Application was pretty easy. Just peel and stick. Apparently the harder you press the more they last. I’m gonna be honest, I was taken aback by how neat and professional they look. 

When I wore them to work I actually got a lot of compliments. Many of my coworkers actually get their nails done and they All thought I had done the same. No one believed they were actually press Ons. 

As far as lasting power, they’re pretty good. I got this set to last five days! What I really like is that they come with extra nails so if a nail pops off you can put one on in it’s place. 💖🥀I only had a nail pop off on the third day🥀💖.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with these Impress Gel nails. In fact I’m so impressed that I’m currently wearing a new set in ‘Bells and Whistles’. I’ve also been looking into more press on nails. 

I feel these in my future.

I’m so ecstatic because this has opened up a whole new world for me and I love discovering new things to love. 

Do you think press Ons have come a long way?

Until Next We Meet,

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