Boxycharm Waitlist Woes?

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So, let’s be real. Boxycharm has taken over the beauty world by force. They’ve gone from an occasional sweet surprise to a beauty enthusiast must have. Seriously! The Boxycharm comment section is like the beauty community hunger games! 

One thing that’s happening more and more often is a select few being exiled to the Waitlist. Before we talk about why this is, let’s get through a few quick facts about Boxycharm.

  1. Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box.
  2. They give 4-5 full size beauty products for $21.00.
  3. They’ve worked with big brands like Tarte and Ofra.

Now let’s talk about this wait list business. I’ve noticed a pattern here. Boxycharm has a wait list more than a mile long, yet they constantly get new subscribers. You’re probably thinking that the people who have been on the list the longest are finally able to enter the beauty promised land, but that’s not necessarily the case. It seems like a first come first serve kind of deal. While most months people are riding the wailist, every once in a while Boxycharm sneaks in a no Waitlist for a limited time only kind of thingum (fair warning: thingum is not a word, but I have officially adapted into this blog’s vernacular because I like saying and typing it.)

The Names of commenters have been blurred as they did not expressly give me permission to use their comments for the sake of this post. I would never put anyone out there, especially if they didn’t want to be.

For example, this month, (currently) the wait list is lifted. While this is great news, there are people who probably have no idea and will continue to be on the outside looking in. It’s interesting that Boxycharm chooses to make this known in the comments but there’s no post or specific notification of this publicly. I have a theory on that later in this post. 

This is following the sneak peak of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Palette

It’s the same deal a few weeks ago. Another comment from Boxycharm saying the Waitlist is over temporarily. 

Suddenly, the Waitlist was back in action and left quite a few people stranded on the ex-isle (get it? Exile isle??? Hah! 😂😁😂😅). 

Essentially all Boxycharm had to offer was an Oops! Our Bad! This Again took place in the comment section. 

Now I’ve got two working theories on why Boxycharm could remove a Waitlist and suddenly make it reappear like a magic trick. 

Let’s work on the idea that Boxycharm has to give brands a number that corresponds with the amount of product they need. So if they have 300 subscribers, they tell a brand (we’ll use Ofra as an example), “Ofra, we need 300 items to fulfill our orders”. Now, if you didn’t know, it’s usually cheaper to make and manufacture an item than the item is sold for. This is typically a markup scenario. So let’s say Ofra is feeling generous. They send Boxycharm 320 products. That leaves Boxycharm with a surplus of 20 extra products. Boxycharm can then simply request 20 more products from other brands in that month’s box (that is If the other brands haven’t sent them extra already. Something tells me they get extras quite a bit). Now, they really only have to focus on getting 20 extras from the major brands (the ones they do sneak peaks for). The other two can be toss ups of whatever extra products they have hanging around in the warehouse. 🥀 Boxycharm has a charmer store and they could basically add to these 20 extra boxes whatever isn’t selling in that store to fill them out🥀. Basically this all boils down to Boxycharm selling off their extra products by temporarily removing the Waitlist. Once they’re out of extras the Waitlist comes back and they just request more products the following month to make up for the new additions. So the next month instead of telling Ofra they need 300 products, they would say they need 320. This could explain why they don’t make the removal of the Waitlist overtly known. They would already have a limited amount on hand. 

Now, going back to that Charmer shop. Let’s say Boxycharm does really well in sales. They sell a lot of products in the shop and earn some extra income. Now let’s also say they pay the brands that are featured in their boxes a commission.For arguments sake let’s say it’s like 8-10¢ on every dollar for the box the product is in and if the brand has products in the charm shop, like a 15-20% commission on sales. This doesn’t seem like a lot but I’m betting Boxycharm has more than enough subscribers to make that worth it to brands. So let’s say they do incredible in sales. The more money they make the more revenue they can divert into extra manpower and product for more boxes. Once that extra income that’s alloted to the boxes is used up, Boxycharm puts the Waitlist back into effect. 

Keep in mind these are only working theories. I have no inside knowledge of the way Boxycharm is running their business and can only speculate. Also, I am in No way shape or form, trying to intentionally portray Boxycharm in a bad light. I have been a Loyal customer since December of 2016. I’m just hoping to help people wrap their heads around the Waitlist and Hopefully provide some insight for those of you who may be wondering what’s going on. All of that being said, I wanna know if you have any ideas about this Waitlist brouhaha (this is in fact a word and also officially apart of this blog’s vernacular). Share your theories in the comments. Do you think I was spot on? Am I  just making something out of nothing? 

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  1. Nancy Tomlin
    October 13, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    I was hoping for a few boxes to add to my daughters Christmas, we enjoy the subscription we currently do receive, so thought opening a few boxes at once would be fun. Of course all 3 of us have been waitlist ed now for over a month, too bad we didn’t make the few that they accepted in Sept ( we were signed up) anyway…any suggestions on another box we may enjoy? Make up/skin care related. Thanks

    • Arrianne
      October 13, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      Glossybox is a close second or maybe the Sephora play box. They sneakily reveal the waitlist is off every once in a while. At this point it’s like catching a unicorn. I know it can be frustrating

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