Blue Whale

In her hands she held a thousand hearts.

She didn’t know it though.

The air around her was so cold she couldn’t feel their warmth.

The sky above her was so dark she couldn’t see them glowing.

The spirit within her was so numb she couldn’t feel them beating.

The glass wall she put up was so thick, she couldn’t reach the people whose hearts she held.

She thought she was alone.

So she kept wandering, closer to the edge.

And as she fell she heard the sound of a thousand hearts breaking.

🥀I was inspired to write this by something I came across online. A type of ‘game’ that culminates in the players taking their own lives. It’s the saddest thing. Of course a lot of the players are young. It made me think about how suicide not only affects the person taking their lives, but also the people around them. Just think, one person was miserable enough to have done this and now there are a bunch of people following suit. A bunch of people leaving behind broken hearts. Misery loves company, but what about the power of positive thinking? I want to create a counterattack on sadness. Instead of a Blue Whale Challenge that ends in suicide, how about a White Whale Challenge? How about I challenge anyone reading this to do one kind thing for themselves every day for 30 days. It could be taking a day off, or treating yourself to something special, or simply reminding yourself of just how incredible you are. On the last day, instead of taking your life, I challenge you to do a kind thing for someone else. Trust me, this will be easier said than done (especially if you have a bad day or make a mistake). I really believe that love (more specifically self love) saves lives. So, could we get the White Whale Challenge going?🥀

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